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Assembler / Welder

Our Customer in Trois-Rivoières who specializes in the steel sector and more specifically in the manufacture of pressure vessels for the oil industry is looking for assemblers/welders with a minimum of 5 years'experience. 

Evening shift 

  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday  3pm to 2am 
  • Thursday – 3pm to 12:30am

Responsibilities responsibilities

–      Use of hand-held manual or semi-automatic welding equipment

–       Setting up welding machines and adjusting and adjust parameters (amp, volt, gage, speed, wire)

–      Perform gouging gouging  and weld 100% joint penetration

–      Use of flame cutters

–      Welding on fixed and moving parts fixed and moving parts on positioners

–      Control the deformation of welding

–      Handle parts as required

handling of parts as required

–      Pass qualification tests with qualification testing with RBQ

–      Passing non-destructive welds subjected to non-destructive testing

–      Self-inspection, cleaning and grinding of welds


Qualifications required

–     SMAW  coated electrodes

–     GTAW welding with T.I.G.

–     GMAW solid wire M.I.G. welding

–     FCAW M.I.G. welding. flux-cored wire

–     oxyacetylene and braze welding

–     Ability to weld in all four positions on metals

–      Blueprint reading – blueprint reading expertise essential

–     Minimum 5 years’ experience


Qualities and skills and skills required

–       Autonomy and versatility

–      Ease of planning and organization

–       Aptitude for communication and teamwork

–        Sense of responsibility

–      Ability to evaluate work

–        Minutia

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