Production Supervisor – Rotating Shift

Posted on 2 June 2022


Industry Manufacturing
City Etobicoke
Code postal M9W 4Y1
State Ontario
Required experience
Salary $60K - $67K


Our Client, a leader in the Metal Coating Industry is looking for a Production Supervisor to join their team.

General Accountability

  • Supervise employees engaged in the operation of the Paint Line or E.G. line (waste treatment) and the movement of material between production lines via Material Handling.
  • Ensure efficient achievement of the organizational goals – focusing on Health and Safety, cost, time management,
    maximum quality and productivity.

Specific Accountabilities

  •  Supervise employees and assign work ensuring that all work is performed safely, correctly and efficiently, that machinery is fully utilized and that the flow of product through the line suffers no unnecessary delay or interruption.
  •  Monitor the work of employees regularly during each shift to ensure compliance with expected standards, coaching and training employees as required to achieve optimum results.
  • Working with information provided by the Production Control Department, and the Plant Manager and Plant Supervisor, plan the daily work coordinating shift activities with those of two other shifts and with Maintenance and Quality Assurance departments.
  • During each shift, check the performance of the production lines frequently, ensuring that line speeds, temperatures, coaters, metal prep and other manufacturing essentials are operating within specification, direct any corrections necessary to improve line performance. Report all exceptions to normal performance to the
    appropriate authority. Ensuring all Prestart requirements are met
  • Ensure that employees correctly apply all packaging standards and that they understand the need for high quality in the appearance of outgoing materials.
  • Organize the flow, handling and storage of coils to minimize handling and provide optimum accessibility for delivery to production lines, removal from lines and marshalling of incoming and outgoing loads.
  • Advise oncoming shift of any special conditions or problems, which may effect their work.
  • At the beginning of each shift, check all work orders issued to production lines for correct information, availability of correct material and proper sequence in schedule and direct all work necessary to prepare orders for running.
  • Ensure that all daily performance records (manual or computer generated) are correctly completed by spot-checking, show and explain individually when necessary.
  • Ensure that paints and chemicals are stored properly and all line inventory records are kept up-todate.
  • Assist in the resolution of mill claims for defective steel by ensuring that samples are available for mill
  • Supervise the proper disposal of paint, solvent, sludges, empty drums and other material. Where necessary ensure that proper documentation is completed in accordance with company needs and government regulations.
  • Actively seek the assistance of Maintenance, Quality Assurance, Operations, Sales and others whenever problems encountered require such assistance.
  • Requisition all supplies needed to sustain uninterrupted operation of the each department. Ø Ensure the security of company offices during afternoon and night shifts and the security of all company property when closing down at weekends.
  • Suggest improvements in machinery and implement improvements to production methods provided by self and others.
  • Ensure that high standards of quality are maintained by proper adherence to engineering and customer specifications and by motivating employees to produce superior quality products.
  • Maintain a climate of awareness and pride in the physical appearance of the work place and ensure that each employee participates in the maintenance of good housekeeping.
  • Monitor the training of employees on new methods or new equipment ensuring all records are updated promptly and forwarded to Plant Supervisors.
  • Review attendance of crew members daily utilizing “WinStar” system, reporting exceptions and editing absence and lateness as necessary. Complete employee attendance records for submission to payroll as required.
  • Ensure that proper tools and safety equipment are available and suitably maintained.
  • Ensure accident reports/and first-aid treatment cases are recorded in a timely fashion. In cases of medical aid, arrange for transportation to treatment facilities.
  • Assist in approving vacation requests after coordinating schedules with Plant Supervisor to ensure that normal shift activities are not adversely affected by the subsequent absence of employees.
  • Whenever necessary utilize options available to cover the absence of employees and for scheduled overtime operations. Ensure that all opportunities to work overtime are equitably distributed among employees.
  • Advise Superintendent in regard to employee problems encountered.
  • Maintain a firm but enlightened approach to discipline while ensuring that employees conform to all job requirements within the limits prescribed by company personnel policies and procedures and within the terms of the Collective Agreement.
  • Review and answer all complaints by employees under the grievance procedure. Refer to the Superintendent to ensure consistency throughout departments, prior to giving a response.
  • Evaluate and review the performance of subordinates to identify strengths and weaknesses and to encourage further developments of abilities
  • Review any problems with Superintendent to determine necessary corrective action.

Job Requirements

  • Post-secondary qualifications in engineering discipline to at least the technician level.
  • Five years manufacturing experience.
  • Demonstrated talent for handling people

Schedule: Monday to Friday, Rotating weekly, Days, Afternoons, Nights

Salary: $60,000 – $67,000 

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