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Petroleum mechanic

Our client is looking for a petroleum mechanic.

Job Details

  • Salary: $35 to $37/h
  • Payment: Hourly rate with possibility of overtime
  • Tools needed: Basic tool box, tool allowance
  • Travel allowance: $0.57/km
  • Travel: Must have own transportation, but we’re willing to discuss if it’s a “deal breaker”
  • KM per year: Between 15 and 20k KM for work
  • Travel expenses: Reimbursed through expense account
  • Vacation weeks: 2 weeks (as per law), may be adjusted based on experience


  • Uniform: Company supplied, cap boots required
  • Annual budget for purchases on our platform


  • Group insurance
  • REER
  • PAEF
  • Allocation for travel (after 3 months)
  • Boots reimbursement ($150)
  • Standby tickets (after 6 months)

Training and Experience

  • Training required: Mechanical cards are an asset
  • We strongly value experience and the type of equipment serviced
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