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Reporting toChief of Engineering and Maintenance Montreal plant

Pre-requisites: DEP in industrial mechanics or electro mechanics 1800 hours successfully completed. Experience in a food or pharmaceutical manufacturing environment Role:

The role of the pasta-B mechanic is to service, repair and maintain production machinery as efficiently as possible. He plays an active role in the maintenance and start-up of machines in the sector to which he is assigned. He or she must be alert and vigilant at all times to deal with all eventualities when production is in operation when production is in operation.


1-In the sector of his trade, he is entrusted with all kinds of responsibilities and is expected to

2-The mechanic knows all the equipment in his department inside out. He may be called upon to modify it to increase its efficiency.

3-Able to detect all types of equipment problems and determine whether they are minor or major.

4-Able to operate production and packaging lines, detect and repair mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic breakdowns. Be able to perform certain line changes.

5-The mechanic must be able to make his own sketches of new or already broken parts

6- Be able to carry out format changes on production lines.

7- The mechanic must be able to read mechanical plans as well as pneumatic and hydraulic diagrams.

8- Be able to read mechanical plans as well as pneumatic and hydraulic diagrams.

9- Be able to read mechanical plans as well as pneumatic and hydraulic diagrams

Specifically: 1-Fabricate all types of mechanical parts and be able to assemble them.

2-Perform greasing and oiling, in addition to checking all gearboxes, all greasing and oiling points, according to the specifications of the machine

3- Maintain and control oil and grease stocks. See to the recovery of used oil in the appropriate containers.

4- Notify his foreman of any anomalies detected.

5- Ensure that once a repair and/or preventive maintenance and/or inspection has been completed, the equipment will operate safely.

6- Will have to work with a preventive maintenance system.7- Clean certain machine parts.8- Perform any other work relevant to the function. Requirements:

Possess the basic knowledge to:

-Use all measuring instruments properly when carrying out a job, for example: micrometer, vernier, etc.

-Differentiate the main metals used and know their main characteristics. -Differentiate between types of lubricants and their use. Work schedule: 12-hour rotating shifts in accordance with the collective agreement.

Available for emergencies. He is available for overtime.


open to meet a mechanic without a C license, but not a JR. Someone with with 5-10 years’ experience. For electromechanics, the split is 60% mechanical and 40% electrical (appx). Mechanics don’t touch any electricity. 


The hourly rate for an electromechanic is $30.19 and $28.01 for a mechanic (without a C license). Plenty of opportunities for overtime (+1500 offered in 2018). 

Rotating schedule (12h figures)Week 1 DAY 48hWeek 2 DAY 36hWeek 3 NIGHT 48hWeek 4 NIGHT 36h
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