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Profile Requirements

  • DEP in Electromechanics of Automated Systems or DEC in Industrial Electronics.
  • C license.
  • Arc Flash Z462 training.
  • 5+ years of recent, ongoing industrial maintenance experience.
  • Knowledge of OHS standards for machinery/equipment and working at heights.
  • Ability to perform precise, quality work efficiently and rigorously.
  • Ability to read plans, diagrams and schematics.
  • Availability to work outside normal working hours.
  • Understanding of English literature related to various systems.
  • Demonstrate autonomy, thoroughness and responsibility in all aspects of the maintenance department.
  • Ability to handle heavy loads and work in confined spaces.


In addition to the responsibilities of the Electromechanic II, the Electromechanic I will have the following duties:

  • Ensure the proper operation of hydraulic equipment.
  • Install new equipment according to specifications and operational requirements.
  • Carry out machine/equipment improvement or installation projects.
  • Supervise a work team.
  • Establish standards and procedures for hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical installations and repairs.
  • Install, check, replace and repair hydraulic and pneumatic components such as hoses, valves, servovalves, pumps, and cylinders.
  • Perform electrical installations and repairs in compliance with building and electrical codes.
  • Locate, maintain and repair industrial electrical, electronic and related control systems on production equipment, and perform necessary tests and verifications.
  • Actively participate in the improvement and implementation of the preventive maintenance program.
  • Develop and provide training to other trades.
  • Use experience and analytical skills to independently diagnose and solve complex problems by establishing concrete action plans.
  • Perform any other tasks assigned by the supervisor.

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