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Electromechanic SOIR

Position Role and Purpose

The electromechanical technician is responsible for monitoring, maintaining and troubleshooting the mechanical, electrical and electronic systems of production facilities, transportation equipment or buildings. Responsibilities include dismantling, checking, cleaning, replacing, reassembling and adjusting these various systems.

Main Responsibilities

  • Perform preventive and corrective maintenance operations on CNC machines, production equipment or buildings.
  • Perform welding, lubrication, maintenance and cleaning operations on equipment.
  • Locate and repair faults on electric motors, transformers, switchgear, generators and other electromechanical or mechanical equipment.
  • Perform dynamic or static balancing operations, alignment and adjustment of equipment components.
  • Prepare maintenance reports, update the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and inform operators of changes made.
  • Participate in the improvement of maintenance programs and procedures.
  • Identify equipment malfunctions from programmable logic controllers (PLC).


  • Excellent ability to read and understand professional documents.
  • Proactive when it comes to health, safety and the environment at work.
  • Ability to adapt to change and a constantly evolving environment, while effectively managing priorities, time and stress.
  • Encourages teamwork and information sharing, while maintaining positive professional relationships with colleagues from different departments.
  • Exceptional analytical skills enabling definitive problem solving.


  • Have a Diplôme d'Études Professionnelles (DEP) in maintenance mechanics, electromechanics, or a Diplôme d'Études Collégiales (DEC) in industrial maintenance, or equivalent.
  • Have a minimum of 3 years'experience as an electromechanic.
  • Previous experience in a manufacturing environment is an advantage.
  • Experience in the aeronautical field is also an asset.
  • Bilingual fluency is desirable.
Contractual information

Evening shift  (4X10h)Remuneration varies between $30/hr and $38/hr.

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