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Mechanical and electrical test trainer/administrator

Trainer / Administrator for mechanical and electrical testing and electrical testing (3-5 days/week)

***Welcoming to semi-retirees and retirees from technical fields (electrical engineering, electromechanical, electrical, avionics, electronics, etc.) ***

Work location:

Company travel in and around the greater in and around the Greater Montreal area.


Quebec-based company offering manufacturing manufacturing companies with recruitment services and simulator-based technical simulator-based technical assessments (mechanical aptitude and electrical 3-4 days a week to administer technical tests on a simulator week to administer technical simulator tests to future candidates candidates. The successful candidate must be available to travel to our various for our various customers in the Greater Montreal area and surrounding area (West, North, South Shore, etc.)


Main duties:

§  Administer mechanical aptitude and troubleshooting mechanical and electrical troubleshooting skills using a mechanical simulator mechanical and electrical simulators;

§  Analyze the technical performance candidates in various tests;

§  Complete short recommendation reports recommendation reports;

§  No customer solicitation required required.




 ***Training is provided***



§  Willingness to work on the road in and around the greater Montreal area;

§  10 years'experience in an electrical, electromechanical or electronic electrical, electromechanical or electronic field;

§  Must be available a minimum of 3 days/week;

§  Minimum 5 years’ employment;

§  Thoroughness, autonomy, customer service and analytical skills.



Obligatory : Completed training in electromechanics or electrical engineering or electrical engineering.



§  Salary of $27.00 / hour (minimum of 7.5 hours paid per day)

§  KM and travel time from home from home paid when traveling to customer sites.

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